God's Eternal Love-Christian Poetry

  This book is the unmerited love of Jesus Christ, which offers a collection of Christian poetry positing one's faith as a means by which one might overcome even the most daunting of obstacles.
   Words of poetry that relates to scriptural interpretation with a series of expressions addressing the subject matter from many different angles.
   GOD'S ETERNAL LOVE - Engages qualities relating to Religious belief, love, social interaction, and the role of the church in our modern day society. A collection of Religious poem and Bible Scriptures to inspire the reader.
   The poetry renders a sense of gratitude toward or emphasizes a particular method for engaging in a higher power. Some poems tell of the conception of the crucifixion, give an idea of an afterlife, take you back to the birth of Christ, and define an entity with the virtual power to satisfy a variety of needs.
   Engaging qualities relate to belief, love, and social interaction to enlighten or inspire the reader, who seeks a closer, more personal relationship with Christ.
   This collection of poems will make a perfect gift for Christians, friends and family. A scripture verse follow each poem.

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Free rhyming and non-rhyming Christian poems to inspire and strengthen your Christian faith.

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Read The Poem - "PENTECOST"

Read The Poem "TRUST IN ME"


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ISBN: 1-4137-0477-8, 111 pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$24.95 For Hard Cover
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