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God's Eternal Love-Christian Poetry

Book Reviews

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Looking for Book Reviews? Christian and Love Poetry Book Reviews. Reviews of "God's Eternal Love" Reviews of "Missing Love"


Reviews Of "God's Eternal Love"
By Author Rick Amburgey - January 1, 2004 

This collection of poetry is a must-have for any Christian. With her combination of inspirational poetry and Biblical verses, this would be a wonderful book for a new Christian and it would make a marvelous coffeetable centerpeice for anyone. Each of these poems are masterfully crafted and clearly written from the heart. Winslett uses simple terms to relate her emotion and her love of God to readers. This book would be great for devotionals, prayer meetings, Sunday School, etc. I look forward to more inspirational poetry from this author. 

USA Reader (Gloria)- April 27, 2004

God's Eternal Love: Inspirational Christian Poetry, is very well written. This book has made the words of God, easy to read in poetry form. The poems are very inlighting, with bible scripture to go with them. I think everyone should get a copy of God's Eternal Love. I have read a lot of Christian Poetry, but have not read anything as well as these poems based on the word of God. Beautifully Written
By Author Angie Lewis - August 2, 2005 
Tammy's poetry is beautiful. I can see why PA is publishing it. It is so uplifting and encouraging. So many of us need these affirmations on a daily basis.
Reviews Of "Missing Love"
USA Reader (Richard)- March 20, 2006
Tammy's poetry is beautiful. This Book is uplifting and encouraging. Plenty of poems to fit any relationships need. These poems are written from her heart. After you read a few, I promise they will touch your heart like no poem has.



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