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Blind Traveler Down A Dark River
Douglas Abledan is a blind man using a GPS unit to navigate the world. One day the device malfunctions. He stumbles upon the scene of a murder about to take place. Due to the confusion caused by the failure of his technology, it isn’t until he hears a radio announcer reporting an accidental shooting that pieces start falling into place. Unable to convince authorities to look into the matter, he launches his own investigation. In the year 2021 increasing global earthquakes threaten civilization’s infrastructure. Unimat Incorporated is trying to stop the destruction by introducing a new building material. Special interests are..............

Alison's Journey
Alison’s Journey is the touching story of a woman
who finds that, rather than having run away, she has
come home. Author Amey Tippett takes readers on a sweetly
emotional journey as Alison rediscovers herself and her
ability to trust, finding out what love really is.

The Enemy Within
is written at a time when moral standards of this nation are being   questioned. Homosexuality has caused pain, bitterness and destruction to literally  thousands   of   people, both gay and straight. Many people, regardless of sexual orientation, have     questions about homosexuality but do not  know where to find the answers.  Whether the subject matter of this book is  new  to  you  or  something  you  live with, day in, day  outyou'll find the answers  to your questions and the ability to help yourself and others

Words Of Expression
This book is filled with words of expression, words received from God,words of my life and my walk with the Lord, and words the Lord has placed upon my soul to share. These are words of encouragement, prayer, and of exhortation.

Contrary Measures
When knowledge, feelings, memories, and emotions contradict each other, can you really trust yourself? One year ago, Rayna Larson Lansing lost her entire life. On the edge of loneliness, she sets out to find something. She needs to take Contrary Measures to improve her new life. Rayna encounters the mysterious and injured Ethan Phillips. As she nurses him back to health, she feels an undeniable connection growing towards him. She becomes determined to find...

No Good Deed Goes Unpublished
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” is the story of three businessmen whose personal needs and desires bring them together in a plan of massive corporate fraud and embezzlement as one misdeed, unchecked, leads to another and........

Link Detonator
Link Detonator is the story of one man’s survival in a world he never knew existed. A world that thrives outside of the boundaries of time where science and magic are one in the same and time travel has nothing to do with a machine.

Unscrambled Eggs
Is available and ready to purchase online and through your local bookstores. This full-length book of poetry is a stirring compilation of poems on various life experiences in which the overall theme touches on purpose. 

Luster Of Eternity
ASISH KUMAR DAS, born (1966) and brought up in Calcutta, India, is the author of this book, Luster of Eternity. He graduated (B.Sc.) from the University of Calcutta in the year 1988 and worked as a Representative of a pharmaceutical company in India for seven years. Although the author was hardly fascinated in astrology, in the year 1996, he became influenced, interested and started to learn astrology...........

Journey On The Roads Less Traveled
Journey On The Roads Less Traveled is a spiritual journey providing anavenue for people to change their lives through Jesus Christ in a way that is not commonly understood. The Less Traveled Roads take the reader down a comprehensive and well-rounded foundational understanding into the biblical world of acceptance....

Arirang: The Bamboo Connection Journeys
D. K. Christi
Melani is born in the arms of forbidden love that haunts her very existence long after leaving S. Korea.  D. K. Christi writes in first person, present, with Melani narrating her own life's adventure with all its agony and ecstasy,expressed through the tears of youth to the assignation of her senior years. 

JW Thompson

After a stint in the Marine Corps, T.R. Bare tried to adjust to civilian life, but to do what.  He bums down the East Coast doing odd jobs, working on the occasional fishing or dive boat until he comes to the end of the line, Key West.  Here he finds the boat of his dreams and the love of his life.  He works hard to salvage the boat and restore it to her natural beauty and while refurbishing her, he discovers her hidden secrets as well as an unsolved murder of the boats former owner in Miami.  Will the secrets reveal themselves as he scours the Caribbean, battles modern day pirates in search for the answers to the mysteries left behind?  Are the answers worth his life and the life of the love he finally found?   The stakes are high, as he risks everything including the boat that he loves and worked so hard to restore.

Rosemarie  Hunt