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God's Eternal Love-Christian Poetry

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Comments and Site Reviews

Please feel free to leave a comment, or let me know if you would like to exchange links. Comments will be posted on this page in 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you for visiting my site

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Norm Rogers
I looked at your website, and although I'm not a huge poetry fan, I really enjoyed reading "Trust in Me". I wish you great success with your book.

Angie Lewis
Your poetry is beautiful. I can see why PA is publishing it. It is so uplifting and encouraging. So many of us need these affirmations on a daily basis.
Ayisha Blevins
Nice website. I'm also an author. Check out my website @

Our Reviews
"Enjoyed browsing your site! Loaded fast and it was easily navigated. I like the t-shirts you have offered, and reasonably priced."

"Nice color and content. I think I've read a couple of the poems before, or at least the same title."

"Hey Tammy, I read your Christian poems and I loved them. I just emailed your site to my parents as I'm sure they would like to read some of those as well. Very talented, good luck to you."

"Loved your site, had alot of really nice content. It did have pop ups which are very distracting. I enjoyed reading some of the poems listed. good job, keep up the good work."

"You were not kidding your site is uplifting. I love it. God bless."

"Beautiful site! I'll be back later on to take a closer look. God bless :)"

"You have a good looking site with a fast load time Good luck with the spreading of the word."

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Our Reviews
"I really enjoyed your site. very good work. informative and full of info. 1-10 a 9. I LIKE THE IMPROVEMENTS I'VE SEEN THIS SECOND TIME AROUND. A GOOD SITE WITH A GOOD MESSAGE."

"Tammy, Your words are inspirational... really liked the one "Trust in Me". Nice looking website and easy to navigate. God Bless and let your heart's desire lead you foward."

"Nice to read some positive poetry after reviewing other sites with dark and depressing poetry. Keep writing the good stuff. It's so needed."

"Nice site, easy to navigate. Uplifting poetry. A great testament to the author's faith."

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